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Our Girls are as special as they can be! We provide them with quality feed, superior hays, fresh clean water and lots of love (and treats!).  In return, they give us rich, flavorful, delicious and nutritious milk. They are deeply connected to us and they have bonds within the herd as well. They are quiet and demure. Not a chatty breed and though not loved immediately by most because of their unique ears, they soon win you over with their antics! They know their names and come when called. What's not to love?


ADGA L1672744

Josephine is a sweet girl that will be a first freshener April 2015. Her first kids from Here Be Goats Check Me Out are much anticipated!! First Doeling Retained. Bucklings / Wethers Available.


ADGA L1545420

This beautiful girl was our first owned in milk. She is a seasoned milker and we are excited to be able to see her kids first hand this spring complements of Here Be Goats Check Me Out this spring! Her planned breeding is for Dec 2014. She continuously out produces herself day after day in the milk pail. Over a gallon a day 8 months post freshening and going strong!


ADGA L 1470444

Zen Yatta has quite the history and some if has not been as rosy as one would have wanted, but she is now at Delightful Acres to stay! She came back to us this summer with a beautiful Doeling (registration pending- Delightful Acres Wishful Thinking, aka Wendy). Zen Yatta has been a consistent producer with a wonderful udder.



Catnip is a bit of an experiment for us. She is a little bitty thing but we believe that her offspring will be superior simply because of the quality of her conformation and the sire of her future kids. This slight girl has the length and deepness of body that everyone looks for but all on an equally smaller scale. Her age mates are over 100 pounds as yearlings but this girl is only about 70 pounds. We have high hopes for her udder too!


A stunning girl with is also the Half Sister to our Resident Herd Sire 'Here Be Goats Check Me Out'. A long sleek girl with a quiet personality. Can't wait to see how she finishes out and grows up!


Harmony Woods Dolce *final name pending

Flashy and ready to go to a sock up! This girl is the product of an AI breeding to Tempo Bode Miller- L001483486 and her mom is another Harmony Woods doe- Harmony Woods MS Cha Cha Latte. She has some time left to grow out so kids are planned for 2016 from this girl.


This home bred, home grown girl is truly a wish come true. Her breeding is one to both produce size and milk in the bucket! She is slow to mature but at only 8 months old in these pictures, it's easy to see we are on the right tract!


The Delightful Acres Yoshi *pending


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